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Could Shakespeare, Plato, or Mozart be pulled back into copyright?

The Supreme Court gave no reason to think that they could not be.

If you wanted to find guitar tabs or sheet music and freely record your own version of some of the influential music of the 1950s, January 1, 2013, might have been a booming day for you under earlier copyright laws – 1956 was an exciting year for science – it marked the publication of seminal research in the nascent fields of cognitive science and artificial intelligence.

But you may have to pay to see articles such as Allen Newell & Herbert Simon, “The Logic Theory Machine–A Complex Information Processing System” and Noam Chomsky, “Three Models for the Description of Language” in .

You can read more about the current costs associated with orphan works – works that are still presumably under copyright, but with no identifiable copyright holder – here and here.And the institutional access that many top scientists enjoy is itself not a stable solution – even institutions such as Harvard are considering canceling their subscriptions because they can no longer afford the escalating prices of major journal subscriptions.Not all scientific publishers work under this kind of copyright scheme.Under the pre-1978 copyright term, all of this history would be free to scholars, students, and enthusiasts.Now, to get these articles from the publisher, you need a credit card or institutional subscription.

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