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First Revolt (66-73 AD) Emperors Vespasian and Titus. Some have been eliminated and the identity of the rest as a people have been lost.

Assyrian Captivity of the Northern Kingdom (721 BC or 722 BCE). Hadrian exiles Jews from Jerusalem and renames it Aelia Capitolina. Palestinian hatred and overconfidence made them leave the land to wait for a victory while the surrounding Arab nations wiped them out. 37,000 were expelled frm Sicily in 1493, then from Portugal and Italy. Ottoman Empire takes Jerusalem back and has to maintain Egyptian reforms. So, ironically, hatred of the Jews returned them to their ancestral homeland of Israel after 2000 years of foreign occupation. They emigrated from Spain and Portugal when 200,000 were expelled during the Spanish Inquisition after the Alahambra decree in 1492.Herod also built the town of Caesarea and the fortress of Masada, which included a palace. They are hated by their own people who are very happy to pay them to be suicide bombers.The second temple was destroyed by the Romans on 10 August 70 AD (9th of Av) three weeks after the walls of Jerusalem were breached by Titus on Tammuz 17. The Holy Roman empire orders crusades to liberate Jerusalem. Since Israel has no incentives to help them and cannot be expected to be anything but suspicious of them, they are in dire straits.

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