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It is extraordinary that he fails to see that it is unacceptable on the one hand to denounce Silicon Valley companies for their amoral approach to tax and on the other to embrace their bosses. That is not fair.' Jeremy Corbyn is not wrong about everything.However eager Cameron was to oblige his old chum Rachel, he should have remembered that it was Google's chairman, Eric Schmidt, who notoriously declared himself 'proud of tax avoidance . He echoed widespread sentiment when he said about the cosy Google/HMRC stitch-up: 'When you or I owe tax, it would just be collected.When Google does, a voluntary agreement is reached'The fact is they merely give away in a blaze of naive publicity a fraction of the stupendous sums that their companies should justly be paying in tax.They also take care to retain personal wealth beyond imagining. He echoed widespread sentiment when he said about the cosy Google/HMRC stitch-up: 'When you or I owe tax, it would just be collected.Just a year or so ago — before he was photographed grinning beside Bill Gates — Osborne said: 'Some technology companies go to extreme lengths to pay little or no tax here.

This tree grows alone or in dense intermingled clumps at altitudes of up to 2100 m A. Quite different in the Sub-Continent where vehicles, from richly decorated buses to scooters carrying families of nine and more, simply stop and wait while the Holy Cows go about their business. They were absolutely fantastic and were really fighting hard well into the early hours of Sunday morning.Yet their most conspicuous skill is for making themselves rich beyond the dreams of Croesus — at the expense of the rest of us.Last Friday night, amid much fanfare, it was announced that Google had reached a settlement with Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs (HMRC), whereby the company settled a long-running argument about its negligible tax payments — despite colossal sales in Britain — in return for a secret, one-off cheque for £130 million, to cover the past ten years.Unfortunately I don’t have their names as there was no time for ‘socialising’.On behalf of the owners, Quartus and Cobie Botha, thank you very much!

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