Dating a phillipino

Thai people even demand higher prices for entrance fees from foreigners compared to local Thai people.

Examples: The Grand Palace in Bangkok, free entry for Thai people, 400 Baht for foreigners.

Of course in 95% of the cases that’s a lie and the girl will continue working while receiving regular payments from their foreign boyfriend (or rather sponsor) and a lot of these girls even have several guys abroad sending them money at the same time.

They take the tourists to a local travel agent and pretend to call the ticket office then saying the train is fully booked and offering you an overpriced bus ticket instead on which they make some good commission.It’s supposed to be 3 liters of draft beer and if you look at the outer tube that is actually the case.But then they put an additional smaller tube with ice inside that takes off at least 20-30% of the space.He then immediately lets you know that you’ve won a massive price or he gives you a call later to make it appear more authentic.In order to claim your price you have to accompany him to a hotel.

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