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They managed to flee across the vast territory of Russia by train to Vladivostok and then by boat to Kobe in Japan.

The refugees – 2,185 in number – arrived in Japan from August 1940 to June 1941.

Another early Jewish settlement was one established in the 1880s in Nagasaki, a large Japanese port city opened to foreign trade by the Portuguese.

This community was larger than the one in Yokohama, consisting of more than 100 families.

On December 6, 1938, Five ministers council (Prime Minister Fumimaro Konoe, Army Minister Seishirō Itagaki, Navy Minister Mitsumasa Yonai, Foreign Minister Hachirō Arita, and Finance Minister Shigeaki Ikeda), which was the highest decision-making council, made a decision of prohibiting the expulsion of the Jews in Japan.

During World War II, Japan was regarded as a safe refuge from the Holocaust, despite being a part of the Axis and an ally of Germany.

By 1895, this community, which by then consisted of about 50 families, established the first synagogue in Japan.

Part of this community would later move to Kobe after the great Kanto earthquake of 1923.

The decision to declare the Shanghai Ghetto in February 1943 was influenced by the police attaché of the German embassy in Tokyo, Josef Meisinger.

They – some 400 in number – fled from Mir to Vilna with the outbreak of World War II in 1939, and then to Keidan, Lithuania.

In late 1940, they obtained visas from Chiune Sugihara, to travel from Keidan (then Lithuanian SSR) via Siberia and Vladivostok to Kobe, Japan.

Finally, Tadeusz Romer arrived in Shanghai on November 1, 1941, to continue the action for Jewish refugees.

Among those saved in the Shanghai Ghetto were leaders and students of Mir yeshiva, the only European yeshiva to survive the Holocaust.

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to 300 people or about from 0.0016% to about 0.0002 of Japan's total population.

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