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The mark is a Lion Passant-the image of a lion walking, facing left.You may be sure that an object bearing this mark is English sterling silver made after 1719.Sometimes they are on the back of an item, but occasionally on the front or on an edge.It can be difficult to read the marks when over time they become worn down with polishing.16th Century 17th Century Queen Anne 1702 - 1714 George I 1714 - 1727 George II 1727 - 1760 George III 1760 - 1820 Regency 1810 - 1820 George IV 1820 - 1830 William IV 1830 - 1837 Victorian 1837 - 1901 1901 Onwards 1795 to 1835 Price £5,500 A full set of sterling silver cutlery for 12 people in the traditional Old English and reed pattern. The bottoms are original and are made of heavy hobnail cut crystal. Total 60 pieces plus a set of 24 Georgian silver handled knives. All flatware pieces with a hand engraved stag crest, knives with a hand engraved arm crest. The inkwell has a screw top safely mechanism to ensure the ink doesn’t leak when travelling. If it is English Sterling silver you should be able to determine the year it was made, in what city it was assayed, you will probably also be able to determine who the maker is, although those lists are far from complete. If there is a maker’s mark on it, the maker can be identified by consulting a good “mark book”.To find silverplaters one such good reference book is: Sheffield & Birmingham Victorian Electroplaters Book of Marks, Andrea De Giovanni, 1991.

Another mark will give the year that the item was assayed (generally speaking the year it was made) -these are letters in a shield device.In addition to the Lion Passant there are other marks which give more information about the sterling silver object.There is a mark which will tell you in what city it was assayed (i.e. London, Birmingham, Chester, Sheffield, Dublin, Edinburgh, etc.This usually indicates that the piece is Old Sheffield Plate and a sterling silver circle was inlaid into it. Old Sheffield Plate with Sterling Silver Inlay to accommodate initials or a coat of arms.This was done so that the engraver would not have to worry about going through the silver layer and hitting the copper core when engraving the coat of arms (see Figures 6 & 7). The orange is copper that is now showing through as the silver is wearing. One further note about marking: These marks are quite small and can be hard to find.

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The 2446 is a number used by James Dixon & Sons and does not relate to our discussion Most Old Sheffield Plate is not marked but a great deal of silverplate is also not marked so lack of any marking is not definitive.

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