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For descriptive ease I am only referring to the 'Barcrofts' as models 1 to 4 rather than their book names (Table model #10, Deluxe all purpose Table Lighter).

Strictly speaking, the use of the Barcroft name for all 4 models may not be historically accurate as the #10 only received the Barcroft name in 1954, this being the release date of the model 4 table lighter. I don't expect to own a model 1, being British and living in England, the chances of finding an American lighter of this style in a car boot sale or similar are very slim, and short of a lottery win, I can't see me parting with the kind of money these items go for elsewhere.

But due to instability issues it was quickly recalled and a flanged base was added.

The Lady Bradford was consequently re-released in 1950 with the flanged base as standard.

But as time progresses, the Barcroft title is being used by many as a general name for all four revisions of the #10. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I did however manage to get a nice model 2.

As a result of this copious fuel chamber, it will happily take a quarter of a normal fuel canister during a refill.

The same 'expansion Tank' principle also carries over into the Model 4 Barcroft.

One small note regarding the finish of the Lady Barcrofts, they are notorious for suffering the effects of pitting.

In theory this should make them more common than their predecessors, yet strangely the model 3 doesn't turn up anywhere near as much as you would expect.

I suspect many of these are wrongly advertised as model 4's, or perhaps just advertised as Barcrofts.

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The small plus point of such marks comes from knowing it hasn't been re-chromed, and after 56 years, some patina is acceptable to me.

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