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If you are worried about your nerves during the actual wedding speech, you can try to focus your eyes on the bride.

Seeing a familiar face as you speak can help to ease your nerves.

May the love that you have for each other continue to grow each and every year. That is how the world was through [bride’s] eyes when she finally fell in love with [groom.] As a romantic person, I have been lucky enough to watch this love story unfold.

Now we are all seated here, celebrating the union of two people who are very special to us.

These are just some tips when it comes to preparing a great speech.

Read the sample speeches below for more inspiration. Once in a while, in the middle of an otherwise ordinary life, love bestows on us a fairy-tale, a romance that is true and pure.

I have never seen another couple as in love as these two people here who have been married today and I am so honored to know and love them. When I first met [bride’s name], we were both just young girls. She is one of the kindest, most generous people that I know.

There will be disagreements and sometimes there will even be arguments. Thank you all for coming together to celebrate the love that [bride and groom] share. As most older sisters are, I have always been overprotective of her, even before she was born. I was determined to look after her, take care of her, and protect her, though I did push her around a little bit.

I soon learned that [groom] is just as amazing as [bride.] He worships her and would do anything to see her smile. But little did I know that something in her life was still missing.

They complement each other in the most perfect way. Before I begin my speech, I would just like to say that [bride’s name,] you look absolutely beautiful tonight and [groom,] you don’t look so bad yourself. An unforgettable, whirlwind of a day that celebrates the fact that two people fell in love. I realized that when she met [groom’s name.] After she met [groom], it was as if something clicked.

You can even tell a story about the first time that you met the groom.

Most of the best Maid of Honor speeches start with the bride and end with the couple.

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