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One of the best ways to establish a character’s power is by giving them a level of certainty, or belief in themselves.Someone could hold all the power in the world, but it means nothing if they can never decide what to do with it.Some of the main differences that immediately come to mind: Almost all of your possible partners will be associated with a major political faction in the game.Who you see isn’t just a romantic choice, but a mechanical one.

While this kind of randomization (also called ‘procedural generation’) can be difficult to implement, it’s something we’ve wanted to do with Ambition since the very beginning.

This allows you to get a lot of benefits at the same time… Yvette’s strong desire to seize her destiny was another one of those things we set in stone at the very beginning of development.

We wanted the character to feel powerful, even if her power wasn’t physical.

You may love that dashing noble who lives for the monarchy, but what if the revolutionaries are going to win?

Do you love them enough to put yourself in serious danger by associating with an enemy of the revolution?

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What about seeing someone who’s a member of the clergy?

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  1. Like many characters on the show, Angel changes drastically, starting out as an almost reluctant hero, and ending up an altruistic hero who is, in Cordelia's words, "trying to save everyone on the planet."Cordelia Chase seeks to become a successful actress in Los Angeles after events in third season of Buffy.