How i met your mother 8x02 online dating

The episode will not be subjected to the exhausted nature as some of the more recent episodes.

Robin reports on a matchmaking service with a 100% track record called Love Solutions.

With the Internet and smartphones pervading his and his friends' lives, doing an online search of people just met, especially dates and potential dates, is the norm for Ted.

He returns to Love Solutions, only to find out he cannot be matched to anyone.Robin and Barney recommend Ted try out the service but he is not interested, so Barney tricks Ted into going by telling him that his boat is sinking.Ellen Pierce, the owner of Love Solutions, is unconvinced by Barney but confident she can find a match for Ted - in three days.Ted decides to go back to the 20th century after he makes a date with Janet Mc Intyre, a woman he has just met. He is awful, his delivery is cringeworthy, and his character is not that interesting either!!They made a pact not to Internet-research each other to allow that first date to be one of true exploration. It's rare for the show to have two stinkers in a row, but hey ho Plot in A Paragraph: Ted agrees to go on a date without researching each other on the Internet beforehand, Barney urges Marshall and Lily to find out and reveal the gender of their child, and Kevin tries but fails to avoid passing judgment on the group. He ruins every scene he is in, which is a lot of them.

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Indeed this episode was a little bit of a wake up call from the last, however people seem to forget that HIMYM has a serious, clearly story and character driven side as seen in season 8's premiere as well as a fun, relaxed and much more unconventional side as in this episode.

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