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However, the functional approach and model-based curve clustering turn out to be better in tracing and comparing the individual temporal evolution of keywords, despite some computational and theoretical limitations.One commentator wrote in the 1990s, regarding mental hospitals as repressive, coercive and custodial institutions where medical staff subjected patients to orgies of experimentation.

For a deeper analysis, we focused on this larger data set to characterize our classifier and differences in nature of these calls.

To facilitate the data collection, subjects were assured that the data will not be manually transcribed.

This precludes labeling all the conversations with types of social relationships by a listener.

A careful study of surviving documents of the Devon County Lunatic Asylum (DCLA), however, paints a different picture.

Rather than medical staff, patients’ relatives and the wider community exercised a considerable influence over a patient's hospital admission and discharge, rendering the therapeutic regime in the middle of the 20th century the result of intense negotiations between the hospital and third parties.

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