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When I first graduated from Bible college, I did not hold a King James position, and the reason is because I had met too many preachers who were King James nasty. Legalism cages the animal, but does nothing to kill it.Several years after I was in the ministry, I came upon a very gracious man at an ordination who had a King James position but held it with the right spirit. Only the grace of God can kill the illicit desires. This is why we have seen so many pastors who have had strict rules against “sensual music” or “sensual dress” commit fornication.They have shaken their heads as we donned our “100% Hyles” buttons.The excessive applause that has been given to men who have feet of clay is unsettling. Christians only grow and flourish with the “increase of God” when they remain knit together within the body. Unity, rather than meanness, is the order of the day.He was the first man I had ever met who held to the Received Text with a right attitude. In short, holiness does not come from the outside in, but rather from the inside out. Standards address the outer appearance, and there is no denying that the outer appearance needs to be addressed. Therefore, external standards should be for the purpose of revealing true holiness, not concealing inward depravity.I asked if I could talk with him about textual matters, and he agreed. We cannot reduce our movement to a matter of simply abstaining from “the dirty dozen.” Christianity is more than merely being “subject to ordinances.” It is a matter of a relationship with Christ. Jesus spent much time criticizing the Pharisees for being whited sepulchers (Matthew ).I wonder how these self-imposed authorities would have responded to Paul when he “retweeted” heathen poets (cf. Indeed, a friend becomes no friend at all when he vainly puffs up our fleshly mind.

In recent years, this caricature of fundamentalism, which is not fundamentalism at all, has sought to define us.We have passively listened as preachers hollered for the King James Bible, but refused to use it to form their sermons or govern their lives.We allowed our young men to sit around “gurus” who had problems with gauchos but not with gossip. These young preachers have said, “If that is fundamentalism, I want nothing to do with it,” and to be honest, I would have to agree with them.Third, we will recognize the usefulness of unity (v. And even when I am compelled to break fellowship with a brother because of his disobedience, I am not to count him as an enemy, but admonish him as a brother (II Thessalonians ). The problem, of course, is that lust is still there.Pastor fellowships and conferences should not be for the purpose of ripping fellow Christians apart through salacious gossip. My rules have caged my lust and given it less opportunity to leap out, but lust is still there.

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Roberson believed that earlier church services were a move toward new evangelicism. I had never been involved in Word of Life up to this point, but I quickly recognized that their dress and music standards were different from that to which I was accustomed.

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