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Therefore, when you scroll, the shadows are no longer obscured and can show through.

Furthermore, these pseudoelements are linear gradients from white to transparent, so that these shadows are uncovered smoothly.

According to the relevant style guide, this should not be changed without broad consensus.

Later a detailed strategy for prelims will follow)PAPER – IIActually, you don’t need any special books for Paper- II if you have some basic knowledge in Maths and relatively good in basic English.

It doesn’t mean the end of your life or the end of the road – start a new phase in your Life from where you are now. Though sometimes it seems like questions are asked from outside of the syllabus, they are actually in some ways related to it.

You took a journey but couldn’t reach the destination.

Do your duty sincerely, if pleased, almighty UPSC will call you to its shrine, if pleased with your personality, it will give you a pass to Heaven – the IAS. The difference is that toppers plan their studies and execute those plans well. Those who study systematically and consistently, get into service. You should know how to swim, be fearless and armed with ammunition. The ammunition is personal integrity and The People – if you do a good work, help the poor man on the streets and in the huts, people will love you.

IAS preparation is neither religion nor life to seek enlightenment in a far away concrete desert. Every topper has studied the same set of books as lakhs of aspirants do every year. Though lakhs of aspirants apply and write this exam, the real competition is between only 2000-3000 serious aspirants. But you have to swim in the ocean infested by so many sharks. You buy them to buy yourself momentary satisfaction, that you are doing right thing in your preparation. When you become aware that you are not going to read all the books you buy, you will stop buying them.

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