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Cambodia was renowned as a sex tourism destination in the 1990s and this legacy is still prevalent today with women and girls trafficked within the thriving sex industry in Cambodia's major cities.

Despite significant attempts to curb CSE, NGOs report the industry has been pushed underground and sex offenders are still able to purchase sex with children through an intermediary rather than more overt selling of sex in brothels.

When in care, some children are forced to perform dances for tourists, distribute flyers or perform farm work to raise sufficient funds for their maintenance.

Uzbekistan is the world’s sixth largest producer of cotton.

Cambodian children are exploited as beggars in Cambodian cities and surrounding tourist hot spots like Angkor Wat, as well as abroad in Thailand and Vietnam.

There is limited data indicating the extent of children trafficked into this situation; however, estimates from Friends International research suggest as many as 80 percent of child beggars in Thailand are Cambodian.

Workers continue to experience forced and excessive overtime as a result of factory practices and pressure from actors along the supply chain.

Workers unable or unwilling to perform overtime are subject to dismissal, wage reductions and punitive transfers from a monthly wage to a piece-rate wage where income is dependent on the number of garments individuals produce.

Walk Free survey results suggest some 55,800 people are victims of forced marriage in Cambodia (22 percent of the estimated 256,800 people in modern slavery in Cambodia).

Funding from foreign donors coupled with increasing numbers of tourists attempting to add value to their vacations by volunteering at orphanages has driven the increase in residential care facilities.

Poverty, particularly the inability of some parents to provide adequate living conditions or education for their children, and in some sinister cases, the opportunity to profit from the sale of their children into care, supplies this trend.

Poor wages, poor health and safety conditions, excessive noise, poor air quality, unsanitary environments and employer abuse are common.

In some smaller factories that operate as subcontractors for exportoriented factories, workers are employed as casual workers or on short-term contracts that allow employers to easily dismiss employees and intimidate workers against speaking out about abuse for fear their contract will not be reviewed.

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Cambodian women, eager to escape impoverished lives in rural villages, are entering brokered marriages to Chinese men in the hope of a more lucrative life.

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