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This has led the company to develop a very special ink circulation and mixing system - dispergator.All Wiedenbach inks, especially the pigmented inks, can be processed with this device, which is the best system for pigmented inks worldwide at the moment.The innovative and dynamic company has built up a very good reputation for the best quality ultra-reliable inkjet printers especially in the automotive, cable, electronics, plastics, rubber, steel, food, beverage, canning, dairy, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and other packaging industries.Wiedenbach has long experience in designing and manufacturing non-contact inkjet printers.

The wide range of software programmes can create all kinds of labelling jobs, customer specific adaptations and delicate logos for protection against counterfeiting.

We provide edible inks resistant to alcohol for pharmaceutical, medical instrument industries.

The Wiedenbach continuous inkjet printers can print very small, accurate characters from 0.8 mm in height on capsules and tablets at high resolution.

The inks also have self-disinfecting and fast-drying properties on wet surfaces, avoiding smudging on bottled drinks, diary and ice cream packaging.

Pharmaceutical companies need a variety of coding and marking technologies to track their products thoroughly from the manufacturing plant to the warehouse to the end-user, for shipping, storage, recalls, anti-counterfeiting and no drug diversion.

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We provide pigmented inks useful for dark surfaces, resistant to various oils.

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