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“I found it hard to accept that by putting something online, anybody can say what they like about me,” she says.

Melanie began uploading in July 2013, and like most You Tubers, her very early videos were a bit hit-and-miss.

“Everyone has a moment where they hit their lowest point, where you’re at the bottom of the barrel,” she adds.

“But I was on a buzz because people were responding to what I made.

“Every time I hit a new number of views or subs, I would write it down,” admits Melanie. ’” With her new-found fame, she attended Summer in the City for the first time.

“I saw You Tube as a way to bring that out of myself.” So she gave it a shot.

This was an important step for Melanie, because it forced her to deal with her fear of judgement – something that, up until then, had affected every aspect of her life.

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