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Finally, exit Firefox and restart it under Sandboxie.If Firefox is forced to always run under Sandboxie (as discussed above), use the Disable Forced Programs command to disable forced sandboxing for a duration of several minutes.Then consult the discussion on favorites in Internet Explorer Tips.Bottom line: If you don't mind the extra add-on, install Plain Old Favorites to enhance Firefox with Internet Explorer-style favorites, then read the recommendations for handling favorites in Internet Explorer Tips.To avoid this problem, you should run Firefox outside the sandbox when you recognize that any updates are available.Let the normal Firefox finish updating, including any necessary restarts of Firefox.The default color is yellow, but you can select a different color for every sandbox.Portable disables automatic update to prevent Firefox from updating itself.

Finally, use the This setting allows Firefox running under Sandboxie to store bookmarks outside the sandbox, so they can persist even after the sandbox is deleted.

It is useful for instance if you have dozen of portable Firefoxes installed.

Suppose you’re a web developer and you want to test your website or firefox extension against multiple versions of Firefox. Then you automatically get the latest Java plugin in all Firefoxes you have installed.

No administrative rights are required for the installation. You can use i Macros as super-bookmarks: To open the bookmark dialog right-click on the macro that you want to bookmark and select the "local" option.

This option adds a link to the macro on your computer to your bookmarks.

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For experts: The bookmarked URL has the format: Know other good tutorials or screencasts? Press the F8 function key to open and close the i Macros sidebar.

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