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These updates can inform your connections about new job prospects and company developments, or you can simply share links to relevant or useful websites.Anthony Bonesarelli began writing as a columnist for "The Daily Athenaeum" university publication in 2006.

However, one caveat is that it only allows linking within a Mad Cap Flare project. Hyperlinks are great for when you are linking to an external location, such as a website or a location that is outside of your Flare project.

", "Replace with ...") If s Replace With = "" Then Exit Sub End If On Error Resume Next For Each o Sl In Active Presentation.

Word will use either relative or absolute hyperlinks when creating these links in your documents.

You have a presentation that includes an extensive collection of hyperlinks to various external files.

Then a server name or mapped drive letter changes and all of your links break. Source Full Name, _ s Search For, s Replace With) End If Next Next ' slide End Sub At least some versions of Power Point permit you to link to files on the internet. R1C1: R5C5 And updates when you open your PPT file.

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He now specializes in music criticism online at Garbage Days and social media consulting at a West Virginia art gallery.

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