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For what is essentially a full-fledged Linux computer, the N810 is impressively compact and thin without feeling fragile.

Build quality is exceptional; the device is sturdy and durable.

To me, the brushed metal finishes, silvery blue color scheme, and general design make the N810 one of the best-looking mobile devices on the market right now.

Touchscreen responsiveness is significantly better on the N810 than it was on the N800, but the large "oil spot" that I assumed was a defect on my N800 screen (see "Display" section of my Nokia N800 review for more details) has sadly found its way to the N810.

To see the device alongside a series of other gadgets and some common household items, please take a look at my Nokia N810 size comparisons gallery.

Like the N800, the N810 is equipped with a 4.13-inch touchscreen that displays 65K colors and sports an 800 x 480 resolution.

*/ .keymap = rx44_keymap, .size_x = 8, - .size_y = 8, .size_y = 12, .debounce_time = 12, .active_time = 500, Recent version of Xorg (at least under recent version of Debian) do not listen anymore to what you put in your /etc/X11/regarding your keyboard configuration.

The device boots and you can use it as a starting point to build you own kernel.

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