Visual studio web reference not updating

A work around could be add as nuget package, but we loose the capability to debug.

I a m working in a project and we have decided start with the core and MVC6, so a work around will be appreciated.

If none of them have yellow warning icons, then select them all. Right click on the selected assemblies and choose Properties from the context menu. You must select all the unresolved references at once or repeat these steps for every unresolved reference.

For example, lets say I added a class called "Why Doesnt This Crap Work" in the new DLL. I open the new DLL in ILDASM and it has everything.Because of the difference in version number, the GAC sees these replacement files as different assemblies. It assumes the assemblies needed to build the project are now missing (cannot be resolved) and your project does not build. (I assume you used Add Reference dialog to add a project reference?) Really a big problem, if we can't add references to class libraries.

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