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Season 4, Episode 16April 9, 2012The fathers of Amy, Lauren and Madison set up a dinner for their daughters, hoping the girls can settle their differences.Meanwhile, Leo has a discussion with Dylan's parents; Ricky and Nora try to bond over dinner; and Grace learns a surprising secret.

The series, from '7th Heaven' creator Brenda Hampton, also explores how this drastic change in her life affects her family and friends.

Season 4, Episode 4July 4, 2011Amy fears her son is ill, but Ricky disagrees and their argument intensifies at the hospital.

Elsewhere, Ben continues to seek a way to end his marriage, while Adrian tests his feelings for her.

Season 4, Episode 1June 13, 2011Adrian grows despondent and refuses to leave her home, so Ben asks Amy to visit her.

Meanwhile, Amy feels guilty that things are on such an upswing in her own life, and then they get even better when Ricky asks her and John to come live with him.

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